Afrina is a company formed by a group of reputable professionals from the construction industry in the GCC. Its inception and existence was a direct to response the market demands in the Middle East region. Not only qualified, but capable construction companies able to execute and deliver innovative, unique projects of the highest quality, within time and budget perimeters.
The current, future affiliations, divisions and subsidiaries of Afrina, will always strive to provide integrated, value-added services and solutions to its valued clients. The primary capital of Afrina rest in the vast resources and highly talented group of professionals that provide multi-sector services within one company.

Established in early 2005, Afrina has been serving Qatar’s booming construction industry. We made a strategic joint venture with China’s Jiangsu Hanjian Group Corp. Ltd. (JHGC). JHGC is one of the most respected companies in China. Having more than 30,000 employees and operating overseas for more than 15 years creates an exclusive partnership. Not only does JHGC complement Afrina’s profile and broaden its experience by engaging within a large international company, while also enabling JHGC to participate in iconic projects in Qatar.

Corporate Values

Afrina’s essence of business is delivering our commitments within budget and schedule perimeters without compromise to quality, safety and professionalism. To achieve this throughout the corporate structure, we educate, disseminate and practice the core values of our company. This allows to continuously enriching the spirit of teamwork, productivity and personal pride in the work environment.

The Afrina Values

1.   Safety
2.   Quality
3.   Ethics
4.   Teamwork
5.   Leadership
6.   Innovation

Our  Commitment

  • WE are committed to a policy of achieving profitable growth by providing error free delivery of services that consistently satisfy our customers’ expectations on Quality, Reliability and Safety.
  • Our Quality Policy is deeply rooted on our commitment to the following:

  • Total customer satisfaction: By executing projects conforming to the required quality standards delivered on time and budget.
  • Continual Improvement: By complying with the requirements of our quality managements system in improving its effectiveness in meeting quality objectives.
  • Qualified Personnel: By hiring the most qualified personnel in the field and improving their performances continually by the effective training.
  • Our principles are cultivated from our core values and also represent what each member in Afrina stands for. While executing our daily tasks these standards are translated in every aspect of work.
  • Strong management and tech teams.
  • Staff retention and appreciation.
  • Integrated service and solutions.
  • Uncompromised quality.
  • Elevated personal pride.

Our  Commitment

Achieving Growth
Customer Satisfaction
Continual Improvement
Qualified Personnel
Standing for our core values
Strong Management
Staff Retention
Integrated Service
Uncompromised Quality
Elevated Personal Pride