The New Year 2016 has arrived. Moving in the right direction is critical. In this age of rapid change, how can we guarantee that we do not go in the wrong direction? One must define his own purpose and set goals to achieve his own targets. Goals are based on purpose so purpose of life must be clearly defined to stay focused.

The rapidly changing world around us requires nonstop innovation in technology, business, and management. We explore business challenges within reasonable costs. AFRINA encourages our team members to explore these business challenges within reasonable cost to evaluate our strengths and to rediscover market potential.

AFRINA is also a self-reflection organization, a powerful tool for improving ourselves. A key to the success of the company depend on its self-reflection mechanism.

I wish you the best in your New Year agenda for pursuing your dreams and goals. Let’s help one another achieve our individual and collective goals and make our society a better place to live and grow.


Abdulhannan  Abdu Mohammed